• Running a busy family? How do you manage it? With SPACE FOR FIVE WEEKLY SCHEDULES and a LINED SECTION FOR SPECIAL NOTES, this clever and attractive calendar makes it all look so easy!
  • You get a PREMIUM QUALITY MAGNET with OPTIMUM THICKNESS which ensures proper adherence and a long lasting dry erase surface.
  • BONUS – With your calendar you get a complete set FOR FREE, which includes:  4 DRY ERASE MAGNETIC MARKERS and a NOTES PAD for To-Do/Chores/Groceries/Menu/Messages lists.
  • The whole set will be despatched in a strong and lovely looking PROTECTIVE BOX  which will protect the magnets in transit and keep them flat. We  GUARANTEE that the magnets will arrive without any wrinkles, stains or exfoliated corners!
  • The magnets are SUITABLE FOR ALL METALLIC SURFACES – you can put them in different places at home or in the office.
  • Great value for money, strong and lasting, practical and stylish. ORDER yours today at the SPECIAL PRICE which is available only for a limited time period.

  • GET ORGANIZED AND KEEP YOUR FAMILY CONNECTED: This dry erase calendar is the perfect enhancement to your family command center to keep you organized and on schedule. Gain quality time for your family by scheduling and synchronizing current monthly activities of each family member. Plan efficiently and you will make missed deadlines, missed events, and missed appointments a thing of the past.
  • BEEOZON DRY ERASE MAGNETIC CALENDAR is something that every family should have because it acts like a real command center for your family. When everybody writes down his/her daily scheduled activities (with different colors), you will keep your plans in front of you: appointments, classes, work schedules, practices, games, religious activities and anything you have planned for the month. Then easily you can see at a glance what’s going on over the month and greatly organize time with your family and friends.
  • We, at BeeOzon, strive to offer an originally inspired design. In order to achieve this, we tested our magnetic planners extensively in face-to-face workshops with potential consumers, meticulously collecting their feedback regarding layout, size, colors, input fields, packaging and materials. 



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